Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Death!!

Here are a few objects that, well in my opinion, have seen the best part of their life...

A Pizza Box - its moment of glory was for that short period of time when it had a freshly made hot pizza thrown into him.  The pizza was devoured and the box was thoughtfully discarded here.
Brush head - A useless object without his main sidekick, Stick (or Handle as he is known to his mates.)
The Disco Stu Shoe - These guys may have lived a fruitful and illustrious career on the foot of a local "mad shagger."  This little leather number probably got him laid on numerous occasions, keeping up and withstanding all the jolts, thrusts and gyrations this local guru had to offer on the dancefloor of his choosing.  Yet after his Dirty Dancing antics are pushed into the shadows and the wife for the night has been successfully sedated with sheer amazement, it's unfortunately time to "hang up the boots" on these little local groovers.  Was it pure intoxication that resulted in this loss of a champion or put there only for temporary comedy reasons?  You are displayed with the pride of the whole Frankston community!!  Good innings old boy!!

I ain't getting deep and philosophical.  This is really how retarded my brain operates.  I could be thinking up bountiful business oppurtunities... but I am thinking of past lives of inanimate objects.  Rejoice!!


Due to my somewhat POO coloured cans of paint at my house I went with the theme of Chocolate Sundae.  It was a Saturday.

Niddy the Salesman

Nic "The President" Burton could sell pussies to poofters i reckon.  Here is some visual evidence showing you just one of his many approaches when introducing a new pro model shoe.  The shoe game will never be the same..

Cam and Jules' Wedding Party

Cam got married to Jules the other weekend.  We helped celebrate by drinking the beer they provided.  Well done on both subjects!!  I also held on to $50 from The Box.  They say a fool and his money are soon parted, no?
This is Boxy warming on a little Mornington glamour!
I think she even surprised The Box with what came outta her mouth!!
Scoots got the "The Col Cut" to emulate the hair style of his father, Colin.  I would definitely call it a success!  They looked like bloody brothers!
Skinner took the chance to air out his Grampa's old threads and gave them a spin around the party a few times.  The clothes come complete with a Hair Side Parting Kit!
Troy the Sasquach has an unbeatable taste when it comes to fashion... just check this little striped tie - checked shirt combo he whipped up just minutes before the gig.  Priceless! 
Scoots out on the Mornington track.
Best on Ground once again is being given to The Boxpacker.  Just have a look at these 2 little numbers he attracted out on the deck of The Cruze Club.  Smoking cigarettes really does get you into the upper echelons of the society on a saturday night.  B.O.G.  Boxy.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Midget keeps it real... real big!!

On the weekend just passed, Mindsnare graced the stage of the Arthouse again and thanks to Al Wilson, old Cliff Midget (we are formally announcing your new stage name on the blog, dog!) had a piece of hilarity to bring to the always enthusiastic crowd in the form of a fat man suit.  Comical Gold...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Death is upon us!!

I cannot recall ever witnessing death first hand.  The other day, I did.  Scoots and I were eating fish n chips like good aussie cobbers, as usual the seagulls started to flock.  We were full and started throwing a few random chips about.  As we were standing quite close to the road the birds were tempting fate trying to fight each other for that succulent golden chip to call their own.  Just as we noticed this Scoots says " Hey Natedog, watch this!!"  But only to realize that the previous chip that had been discarded was already luring a flock of gulls to the tarmac.  The chip lands, the gulls dive and a car comes flying through at 60 kph.  THUD!!  Several get a hit and a fright, one unlucky one gets the short straw.  It was quite heavy watching that guy lose his life of scavenger freedom right in front of our eyes, yet somehow perversely entertaining at the same time.  Below is his Hokkein noodle style intestines splayed out from the impact.  Above is he as he was before the incident.  Hmmmm.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Film Clip in Scotland

These are a couple of shots I found on my computer.  Probably about 2 or more years old, from the sunny shores of Scotland.  We were shooting a film clip for Fuck Off Machete.  I was the token skateboarder doing roll-bys in the shots.  Paul looks like a fucking Rock God in the top picture!  Hair going wild, throwing the axe around with no consideration for his skimpy clad female entourage!

No parmesan though.

Parmesan and Weed.

Here is 3 very stoned and very happy dudes.  We have parmesan cheese!
Why?  Because we can.
Feel free to send in your parmesan shots if you have any? Word.

2 White guys, A Canadian and a very American Seppo!

Here is a few snaps from the road trip undertaken by the President Niddy, CEO Midget and Andreas (the homie with the beard.)  Travelling down the East Coast for the Underskatement Short Film Festival.  The scenery shot is Angourie in the morning when the boys woke up.  Apparently Niddy was unimpressed with the local surf conditions and just wanted a Bottle Shop.  The profile plan drawing thing is of the full pipe that they skated ( it's the one that Cardiel disappeared up in Tent City).  This is the homies playing a game of write words on your knuckles and make some sort of a sentence.  Personally I think that Midget's face at the bottom of the photo is more entertaining than the sentence!

And let's not forget to comment on that dude's fucking hair in the background.  Heavy!

I believe that the photo of Andreas is in retaliation to the boys antics on the trip.  I guess he just didn't ride like that.  I say, sounds like it went down properly.  Job well done boys!

Committee Meeting

All i really need to say here is... you never know what has really happened to you when you are past out drunk... and the Secretary and Public Relations will never know what happened in this cab ride!!
Secretary just cleaning up a few things around his office.  Scoots felt a little "light headed" whilst discreetly urinating in the middle of the driveway! 

Brainjuice making sure that his secrets are safe.
This was a classic.  I came in to the toilet and started blabbing away to Scoots in the cubicle whilst we are both pissing.  Then the door to the other cubicle flies open and there is Chunk in all his glory, snapping one off, on the phone and holding a high pitched over excited conversation with us all at the one time.  Chunk truly knows how to get down in all circumstances!!
Committee meeting in action!  All rise!
Scoots, after a quick spew in the corner and an instant return to the bar for 2 Vodka/Cranberrys.  One got put down on the spot and the other was needed to return to normal conversation.  Which Cats is seen here doing his best to nurture the boy along!
Scoots still shaking and moving! 
We were lucky enough to be witness to internationally renowned "last chance look back" of Sam Morgan.  That flick of his sultry ginger locks with that solid and slightly remorseful stare.  Zoolander had Blue Steel,  Sam Morgan has the Red Velour!
Bob's hat was amazing!
"Tab, let me use one of your dreadlocks as a fake moustache!"
"Perhaps you should use it,  I already have one!"
Mike definitely scored the highest points on the night.  He fucking kissed a giraffe dude!
Keegs showed us all how he rolls... by pulling out his nine for this little photo opportunity.
Mike was super stoked with kissing a giraffe!!

And finished the night continually going back for more.  Bless him and his devilish animal mating knowledge!  (Also seen here is Scott Chancelor trying to cut Mike's lunch and get some of the action on the left of screen, no cigar though!)