Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Box Packer.

This is a little retrospective style glimpse of Troy Ohmahomies AKA The Boxpacker, Boxy, Box, Foxy Boxy, Alpha Bravo Boxtrot, Boxilocks, Sir Box a Lot, Tapegun Timmy, 60-40-30 and of course in actual reality... The Funky Deckbolt.  Here is the funky deck bolt below, still in his packet.  This is how he finds that ultra funky zen halfway through the night when the rest of us seem fine.  I wish I had a packet.

Now we have The Box finding ultimate central energy here.  This is when you need to embrace or evacuate because Ohmahomies is about to pull the tape gun out on the 'D' floor.  Probably after dropping some random football stats on you, if it is winter.  Good thing summer is approaching and his mind is back on beaver.  Witness below, centering funky ZEN!

Once the tapegun is released there is no box safe if trying to also occupy the dancefloor.  We are talking about a gold dipped 24 carat handle and diamond encrusted tear away tape lip and swiss precision bearings in a reverse thread Toke 5 tape spool.  Aint no ordinary homie handling this advanced equipment.  It has taken The Box this long (it's long) to barely harness a smidge of its potential power.  

Demonstrated clearly below is the deep concentration and cental chi The Box has whilst wielding the Tape Gun on the dancefloor.  The Tape Gun is moving at such a rapid pace that it is impossible to obtain an imprint on film.  This photo was obtained via 84000 ISO 148mm Silver Slip Grain Reduced Ash film whilst The Box was on his regular, almost weekly, pillage of clubs, bars and parties.  A majestic scenery to see The Box in all his glory.

And as always, Do as Boxy says, not as Boxy does.  And if you happen to see what Foxy Boxy gets down with.....   SSSSSSHHHHHH!!!

Just a little warm up post for everyone to remember we have a long summer ahead!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Peter Brock is alive.

I am pretty sure after I was knocked out I inherited the powers of the one and only Australian car racing legend, Peter Brock.  Check the footwork... I am currently driving amazing.

I will also save you the time and thought process...   Great Blogging!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a knock out!


You know in the movie Friday when homie gets "Knocked the fuck out!"  Well I was said homie and Prahran vert ramp was Devo.  Don't ask me what happened, I don't remember shiiiit!

Also looks like Ned Flanders if he was homeless!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Everyone is doing it...

Everyone is throwing up NYC blogs so I thought I would join in...
I skated Brooklyn Banks...
And then cleaning up on the old facial hair by some eastern euro hottie in Greenwich Village.
Back across the bridge, sleeping bag... check.
Wanna check out my sleeping bag... sweetcheeks!

Big Up to BHR!!

Grow a beard niglets!



Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hungry Homies!

Skate More, Shovel More..

Mmmmm... Dem good grits!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Secretary Scoots BlogThe President here found himself down fitzroy street, just thirty years older.. jah bless em!!


Secretary Scoots Blog.
This is my grandad and his new lease on life!! He will be breaking out the leathers next week.  He has his Frankston Council sticker on the side... Rep it till Death! Woof.


Secretary Scoots BlogNathan here has frozen himself in time, hoping to see the year 3009. I say good luck to him. In the mean time for a small charge of $3.48 you can book a time to see the frozen human being..

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yuta Tanarcolepsy

Lets start by looking at how lucky Cam is to not have his leg snapped in half right now...  He dropped in on this rail and as you can see above his leg went straight in between the two.  A few nice cuts and a very sore leg but nothing to write home about in the end.  But fucking close!!
Now back to the important stuff...  Yuta Tanarcolepsy!  Yuta has invented his own sleeping disorder!  Below we have some of the vital ingredients needed to bring on such a condition that even having the internationally renowned Morgan Campbell next to you on the couch don't mean shit...

Step One.  Get rad on your local spot whilst on your way to pick up weed.
Step Two.  Get so overwhelmed with the amount of food you eat that when you get home you can't even be fucked taken your leftovers off your fold up bike...
Step Three.  Probably the most important...  Rip down so many bongs that you have no other choice but to fall asleep wherever you sit down.  Look at that thing... Double chamber bro!

TA DA.   All the ingredients for High Japanese Pie.
The hardest part is telling whether he is in this condition or not... "Is he passed out on the couch... Is he just being Japanese?... It's hard to tell with those eyes!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Looks like Wee Ginger Beard got himself married.  Good on ya Div.  And they did it at Washington St.
Div fingering his last ring!
It's all good and well, but the thing that stokes me out the most is how cool this dog looks.  " Wooo... Did you guys just see that dog piss air, he is biting my shit, dawg... Woooof!!"

Monday, August 18, 2008

After Noonan!

Here is a little shout out to ol' Noonan.  Bloody impressed when I was walking down the street.  And some genius dropped this little burner on his dome below.  I have a feeling that it was Noonan himself. 
On a completely different note...  Mark Lording, Public Relations, has gay gnomes living in his front yard.  We caught them bumming and sucking each other orf right in the driveway.  Horny little fuckers.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sales Rep of the Month!

Let's all hear it for Al Wilson everybody!  Clap at the picture on your computer screen and say "Good work son!"  He selling units down there at Vans quicker than a fat kid selling an apple and we just want to say...  "Good work son!"  Sales Rep of the Month.

It could have something to do with that second head sneaking out for breath on the left there, that looks.. a lot like Lorne!  Mmmm... double talking subliminal sales pitches?

Cool.  Good work son, again.

Good work son.

My First Tattoo.

Here is a little snap of Sheldon's ankle after being freshly ink doctored.  The doc reckons he is gonna pull through and he should just end up with a fresh burner on his leg. This one's for Mike i guess. RIP homie.

P.S.  This is not for Mike Martin.  All you fans out there getting worried can just relax.  He is still proudly representing his role as The Intern of the Committee.

What What!!

Let's start this off with this human below... HA HA HA! HE THINKS HE'S NOONAN!!!  BA HA HA HA!!  Close but no cigar, pal.

My documenting equipment is currently misplaced, so to keep this bloggy stone rolling I thought some posts of pre blog entertainment may sooth your souls...

We indulged in some Big Day Out festivities earlier in the year...

It got weird.  Standard.  

The A Team.... bringing their B game.
Arcade Fire were amazing.

This badarse below got up on the tent, stark naked.  In front of close to 30,000 peeps.  Throw praise to the man in huge quantities.  Rage Against The Machine were about to kick off and he provided the platinum selling entertainment.Nolan had the new Frameless Oakleys.  Some 2010 shit dropping right there.  Look how stylish they is!!
Later on at The Lucky Coq, Scoots thought he would try his lucky cock and strut around the pub in Justin's Australia underwear that he borrowed in the toilets!

And carried on the entertainment and some young lady's abode whilst they slept...
Perhaps the sketchy Mexican bartender had something to do with it?..
The following day, Nolan and I dressed up as afro american basketball players or "ballers" per say.  He was Vince Carter, I was obviously Shaquille O'Neal, he got the bag o' weed and I got the gat.  We got this Sunday afternoon on lock son!
Then the rest of the afternoon we spent trying to wash that crap off our faces... at Koonya in about 4ft shories.  Here is Brainjuice about to cop a sweet one on the dome and see the demise of his not so trusty inflatable device.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brainjuice Salute!!

Through the mind altering radiowaves of text and international mobile reception the last report I received about The Janitor was he and Walker, Minister of Foreign Affairs, were on there way to T in the Park in Scotland to see Eddy Grant (Electric Avenue homies!), they had had a few chemicals adjusters. I later spoke to Walker, and  Toz was last seen saying he needed some fresh air... at an outdoor festival.  Then, after apparently ripping on some guy for wearing a 1983 Rip Curl t-shirt for a excessive amount of time he finished with "... arrr fuck you.  You're a fucking leg spinner anyway!"  Ummm... ????????????

The above photo is when we were last at T in the Park watching THE WHO! Roger Daltry walked out on stage with a fucking cup of tea. Brainjuice circulating all juice to concentate on Pete's windmills on stage and  probably only a few shades paler of once again "getting some fresh air!"



Aturo at Trigger Brothers in Frankston obviously likes jamming out on his peace loving guitar.  So much so, he tranced out one day and after an intoxifyingly epic 5 hour solo jam he came back to reality and had this blister.  Courtesy of wailing. 

Higher than Jesus

Here is digital imagery proof that The Committee is higher than Jesus.  It's written on the wall.
Didn't know he was rolling wit the MC crew though.  Jeebers is getting rough son!

Tee Prints

Committee Moth... er Fuckers!!
Setting up the screen for the first Committee tees to get underway..
Laying down the business.
Finished numbers.  We proudly nominated the Midget as the man that will bear the honour of the first tee.  Ass you can see in previous blogs, homie is Fully Committeed.
This guy had his lorry exteriorly decorated.