Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brainjuice Salute!!

Through the mind altering radiowaves of text and international mobile reception the last report I received about The Janitor was he and Walker, Minister of Foreign Affairs, were on there way to T in the Park in Scotland to see Eddy Grant (Electric Avenue homies!), they had had a few chemicals adjusters. I later spoke to Walker, and  Toz was last seen saying he needed some fresh air... at an outdoor festival.  Then, after apparently ripping on some guy for wearing a 1983 Rip Curl t-shirt for a excessive amount of time he finished with "... arrr fuck you.  You're a fucking leg spinner anyway!"  Ummm... ????????????

The above photo is when we were last at T in the Park watching THE WHO! Roger Daltry walked out on stage with a fucking cup of tea. Brainjuice circulating all juice to concentate on Pete's windmills on stage and  probably only a few shades paler of once again "getting some fresh air!"



Aturo at Trigger Brothers in Frankston obviously likes jamming out on his peace loving guitar.  So much so, he tranced out one day and after an intoxifyingly epic 5 hour solo jam he came back to reality and had this blister.  Courtesy of wailing. 

Higher than Jesus

Here is digital imagery proof that The Committee is higher than Jesus.  It's written on the wall.
Didn't know he was rolling wit the MC crew though.  Jeebers is getting rough son!

Tee Prints

Committee Moth... er Fuckers!!
Setting up the screen for the first Committee tees to get underway..
Laying down the business.
Finished numbers.  We proudly nominated the Midget as the man that will bear the honour of the first tee.  Ass you can see in previous blogs, homie is Fully Committeed.
This guy had his lorry exteriorly decorated.

Scott was in Africa on the weekend!

See he is fully hanging out with Zebras and that...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Midget salute!

In our best efforts to farewell Midget to his new abode in QLD we did what we do best, and pestered several inn keepers at a few St Kilda haunts for constant opening of beer bottles for our comsumption.  In no surprise at all the end of the night got weird...Midget gets the twins in the babyseat for a safe trip around the Prince of Wales front bar!
Skins just making sure that they are going to be safe...
Still in the front bar... the boys compare swords.  One goes up and out, the other down and through.  No apparent benefit with either condition..
And here is the Christmas card you would get if... the Committee sent out Christmas cards?

Thursday, July 3, 2008


here is Nathan Gamble, vice president of the committee. just lately he found out about a little money making scheme. clinical trials at the hospital, doing his bit for society he thought he would sign himself up. Nathan offers his body as a pin cushion for needles and in return they test a drug of there choice which may save a dying persons life one day.
nathan is admitted to hospital on a monday night and is monitored for 24 hours before the first dose of drugs. Tuesday morning comes and the doctors arrive at nathans ward to tell him they found traces of THC in his blood stream, they then tell him thats marijuana. He tells them i no what it is, they ask Nathan when was the the last time you smoked marijuana, he then replies when was the last time i didnt smoke marijuana!
He then packs his bags with an empty wallet and heads on home. Here are a few photo's of nathan expressing his love for the herb of marijuana.