Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Box Packer.

This is a little retrospective style glimpse of Troy Ohmahomies AKA The Boxpacker, Boxy, Box, Foxy Boxy, Alpha Bravo Boxtrot, Boxilocks, Sir Box a Lot, Tapegun Timmy, 60-40-30 and of course in actual reality... The Funky Deckbolt.  Here is the funky deck bolt below, still in his packet.  This is how he finds that ultra funky zen halfway through the night when the rest of us seem fine.  I wish I had a packet.

Now we have The Box finding ultimate central energy here.  This is when you need to embrace or evacuate because Ohmahomies is about to pull the tape gun out on the 'D' floor.  Probably after dropping some random football stats on you, if it is winter.  Good thing summer is approaching and his mind is back on beaver.  Witness below, centering funky ZEN!

Once the tapegun is released there is no box safe if trying to also occupy the dancefloor.  We are talking about a gold dipped 24 carat handle and diamond encrusted tear away tape lip and swiss precision bearings in a reverse thread Toke 5 tape spool.  Aint no ordinary homie handling this advanced equipment.  It has taken The Box this long (it's long) to barely harness a smidge of its potential power.  

Demonstrated clearly below is the deep concentration and cental chi The Box has whilst wielding the Tape Gun on the dancefloor.  The Tape Gun is moving at such a rapid pace that it is impossible to obtain an imprint on film.  This photo was obtained via 84000 ISO 148mm Silver Slip Grain Reduced Ash film whilst The Box was on his regular, almost weekly, pillage of clubs, bars and parties.  A majestic scenery to see The Box in all his glory.

And as always, Do as Boxy says, not as Boxy does.  And if you happen to see what Foxy Boxy gets down with.....   SSSSSSHHHHHH!!!

Just a little warm up post for everyone to remember we have a long summer ahead!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Peter Brock is alive.

I am pretty sure after I was knocked out I inherited the powers of the one and only Australian car racing legend, Peter Brock.  Check the footwork... I am currently driving amazing.

I will also save you the time and thought process...   Great Blogging!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a knock out!


You know in the movie Friday when homie gets "Knocked the fuck out!"  Well I was said homie and Prahran vert ramp was Devo.  Don't ask me what happened, I don't remember shiiiit!

Also looks like Ned Flanders if he was homeless!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Everyone is doing it...

Everyone is throwing up NYC blogs so I thought I would join in...
I skated Brooklyn Banks...
And then cleaning up on the old facial hair by some eastern euro hottie in Greenwich Village.
Back across the bridge, sleeping bag... check.
Wanna check out my sleeping bag... sweetcheeks!

Big Up to BHR!!

Grow a beard niglets!