Monday, April 28, 2008

This is some amazing footage that Joel's old man filmed on their front lawn, I repeat... front lawn, in Frankston. Someone told Joel's old man to call an ambulance. Yeah... he didn't. FRANKSTON 3199 BABY... YEAH!!

Sunny Sunday

I wish these photos of this 100% Rosebudian were actually video footage coz she was an absolute diamond!  Whilst she was buying a whole slab of Jim Beam cans and yelling back and forth to her bogan pals in the car behind us, "Get a pack of B&H Supers would ya!"  She then tried to complete the transaction only to get denied on her "insufficient funds" and thus breaking out into a mild tantrum of complimentary swear words and modern Rosebud gestures.  Long live the peaked beanie.
The newest inductee to The Committee, Mark Lording, Position- Public Relations.  Here he is reminding you what letter his name starts with... M.  It also stands for Men, as in this is where men urinate out of there doodles in Rosebud!!
I can't believe these guys thought that the ectasy tablets we had taken earlier were not working?
This was there vision whilst looking at me!!
Mike always looks cool when smoking marijuana cigarettes!
It's pretty much official actually.  Mike is that cool that he rocks his flair on the inside.  Flair, style that shows.  Remember that.

The one and only Brainjuice, the Janitor of the Committee.  Here he is at my house last Sunday.  He brought his soon to be ex girlfriend, Mindy, over for a one-off visit before he embarks on his global voyage soon.  See, he told her that she cannot stay at his parents house out in the bungalow anymore in fear that perhaps his father may take advantage of her being alone and vulnerable, or worst yet, his mother.  So before parting ways he took her for a nice day out in the scenic mornington peninsula.  This photo is actually showing how deep their love was, he split the gooch on their first date and they remained a couple, and it was still remains broken.
He got her drunk on Jager Bombs once we had returned.  As you can see there isn't much of her so she is a very cheap date.  One drink, if any and Brainjuice says he can shag the fuck outta her until he is good and done with her.
Hey Cuntface!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Brothers from different mothers...

When Ryley's at his worst, he's also at his best...

The main reason that "The Bird" got rid of their computers, Bud Bounder downloading some German porn...

Noonan sure does have a head for radio...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's get weird at the Pillars.

As usual with the combined forces of the Janitor (Brainjuice) and the CEO (Midget) shit is always gonna get weird!

The Secretary in some hard times.

Some have said he can be slow at times, we always gave him the benefit of the doubt and were just waiting for an official sign to verify it completely!!  Pretty official. 

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The dude abides...